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Father catches son after amusement park ride malfunctions

Delbert Latham, his wife, and his son, Kaysen, were visiting the Wonderland Amusement Park in Amarillo, Texas last Thursday, April 28 when Kaysen’s seat belt malfunctioned on the Mousetrap roller coaster.

In a video captured by the father, Delbert was shown holding onto Kaysen after his seat belt released during the ride, prompting Delbert to say, “I’ve got you. You’re fine.” Delbert Latham claimed that after the ride was finished and he and his son were both safely on the ground, he told the ride operator about the incident, causing the operator to apologize profusely but admit that the mishap had been “happening sometimes”. In a statement, Wonderland Amusement Park said that the ride did not originally have seat belts at all, but that the company took extra precautions by installing seat belts on the ride.

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