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Father catches son after amusement park ride malfunctions

Delbert Latham, his wife, and his son, Kaysen, were visiting the Wonderland Amusement Park in Amarillo, Texas last Thursday, April 28 when Kaysen’s seat belt malfunctioned on the Mousetrap roller coaster.

In a video captured by the father, Delbert was shown holding onto Kaysen after his seat belt released during the ride, prompting Delbert to say, “I’ve got you. You’re fine.” Delbert Latham claimed that after the ride was finished and he and his son were both safely on the ground, he told the ride operator about the incident, causing the operator to apologize profusely but admit that the mishap had been “happening sometimes”. In a statement, Wonderland Amusement Park said that the ride did not originally have seat belts at all, but that the company took extra precautions by installing seat belts on the ride.

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First of GM personal injury lawsuits to be tried Monday

The first trial of lawsuits filed against Detroit, Michigan-based automaker General Motors regarding the faulty ignition switch which led to accidents and injuries is scheduled to take place on Monday, January 11. This bellwether trial will focus on the complaints brought by plaintiff Robers Scheuers.

According to Scheuers’ lawsuit, the air bag of his 2003 Saturn Ion did not deploy during a crash in May 2014, despite the fact that he had followed GM’s advisory and removed all keys from his key ring except for the ignition key. Scheuers is also complaining that GM put customers in unnecessary danger by not recalling the vehicles at an earlier date and not facilitating repairs in an adequate manner.

GM started recalling 2.6 million vehicles with the defective ignition switch – which can cause engine stalling and non-deployment of air bags – in February 2014.

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Texas found to have the second highest number of unfixed, recalled cars

Web-based vehicle history service provider Carfax, Inc. associate Chris Basso testified to the prevalence of automotive defects in the state of Texas, and the fact that this is the state wherein recalled vehicles do not easily get fixed.

Basso noted that one in every five cars on the road in Texas has an unfixed recall, making it the second state behind California to have the most incidences of cars having unfixed recalls in the country.

Debbie Love, the owner of a four-year-old Jeep with a problem, said that she did not get a letter from the automotive company regarding how to fix her vehicle, noting, “I would have thought they would have made more effort to get a hold of owners”.

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