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Measures to prevent drunk driving in Arlington to be strictly enforced

The Arlington Police Department in Texas, which regularly records around 120 DWI arrests per month, will be working on new measures aimed at not only preventing drunk driving but also to stop it in the first place.

Police chief Will Johnson said that the initiatives that the police department has launched include proper education and dissemination of information about the dangers of drunk driving, proper enforcement of drunk driving laws, and suggestions to tweak such laws so as to give them more strength.

Arlington’s police force will be taking turns in helping the eight-member DWI Unit to look for drunk drivers, particularly in areas where previous drunk driving accidents have occurred. The police will also work with tandem with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to give proper training to drinking establishments, whose patrons are usually arrested for DWIs, on how to handle their customers so as to prevent incidents of drunken-driving crashes.

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