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Fort Worth No-Zone Truck Accident Attorneys

Trucks and 18-wheelers in Fort Worth have a few notable blind spots due to the great size of these vehicles. While drivers should be aware of these no-zone areas to avoid greater risk, it is ultimately the truck driver’s responsibility to check his or her blind spots before entering any of these no-zones. If they fail to check their no-zone before changing lanes, for example, the truck could crash into another vehicle, causing a very serious accident.

The Fort Worth no-zone truck accident attorneys of the Woodson Law Firm understand the severe consequences that may result from a truck accident, including debilitating injuries that necessitate extensive recovery time. We are dedicated to holding negligent truck drivers in Fort Worth fully accountable for their actions, however, and may be able to fight on your behalf for financial compensation to cover any medical expenses and other costs.

4 Truck No-Zone Locations

Truck accidents can be devastating to Fort Worth residents, and unfortunately, they are usually preventable. The most common blind spots for large commercial vehicles, called the truck’s no-zones, include:

  • A car length’s distance behind the rear of the truck trailer
  • The spot on the driver’s side between the side-view mirror and the front of the trailer attached to it
  • A spot at the front of the truck where the tractor blocks a small portion of the driver’s view
  • Passenger’s side from the side-mirror down the entire side of the trailer

It is a truck driver’s responsibility to check these no-zones before accelerating, braking, turning, or making any lane changes. Failure to do so and causing an accident can be grounds for legal action in Fort Worth.

Contact a Fort Worth No-Zone Truck Accident Attorney for Help

If you have been involved in a truck accident in Fort Worth because a driver failed to respect his no-zones, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Commercial vehicles are much larger than passenger vehicles on the road and can cause much more damage to other vehicles and passengers. A Fort Worth no-zone truck accident attorney with the Woodson Law Firm may be able to represent your case work tirelessly for the financial restitution you may need. Call us in Fort Worth at (817) 338-0303 for more information.