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Fort Worth Road Defects Lawyers

Driving is a huge responsibility, but it’s not just drivers and automakers who are responsible for the safety of everyone on the road. Municipal agencies are entrusted with the upkeep of all kinds of roadways throughout the U.S., and when defects and dangers are present, or when roads are allowed to fall into states of disrepair, the dangers to motorists can be severe.

When municipalities allow dangerous conditions to exist on roadways, or fail to address hazards in a timely manner, serious accidents can occur very easily. While nothing can erase the damage resulting from an accident that has already happened, compensation may be available to accident victims who have been injured because of dangerous road defects. The Fort Worth road defects lawyers at the Woodson Law Firm know what it takes to hold municipalities and other entities accountable for injuries resulting from road defects, and are ready to help you if you’ve been injured because of dangerous road conditions.

Common Forms of Roadway Defects

Unfortunately, there are a wide variety of dangers and conditions that can make roads unsafe for drivers, many of which are common on roadways across the country. At the Woodson Law Firm, our Fort Worth road defects lawyer are ready to help motorists who have been injured in car accidents caused by:

  • Shoulder Drop-off
  • Potholes
  • Uneven Pavement
  • Lack of Signs
  • Lack of Guardrails
  • Construction Site Negligence
  • Municipal Negligence

If you believe that any of the above contributed to the car accident that injured you, you may be eligible for compensation from the municipality or other entity responsible for maintaing the road on which you were injured.

Contact a Fort Worth Road Defect Lawyer to Learn More

If dangerous road conditions or a road defect caused your car accident, the Fort Worth road defect lawyers at the Woodson Law Firm do not believe that you should be responsible for paying for the resulting costs of this accident. Call our team today at (817) 338-0303 to learn more about how we may be able to help you fight for the full and fair compensation you may deserve.