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Intoxication manslaughter suspect arrested after three-vehicle collision in Fort Worth

Fifty-year-old Carmona Perez Margarito was taken into police custody on Sunday, November 15 in Fort Worth, Texas on charges of intoxication manslaughter for allegedly causing a three-vehicle collision that claimed the life of an individual and sent three others to the hospital in critical condition.

The Fort Worth Police Department responded to the scene of the accident on the southbound North Freeway at Northside Drive at around 2:35 Sunday morning.

Margarito had been driving a green Ford F-150 pickup when the accident happened, announced police spokesman Officer Daniel Segura. The specific details of the accident are still under investigation and have not been released to reporters at this time. Officers believed Margarito to be drunk at the time of his arrest. The freeway was closed off after the accident while officials worked to investigate and clean up debris from the collision. It was reopened at 7:00 in the morning, according to police reports.


Truck crashes into convenience store, kills woman

Twenty-four-year-old Fort Worth resident and mother Sylvia Zazueta perished after a truck crashed into a Star Food Mart at around 2 p.m. last Tuesday, March 31, according to dfw.cbslocal.com.

Police officers took the 19-year-old truck driver, Isaac Adams, into custody on suspicion of intoxicated manslaughter. According to preliminary police investigations, Adams’ truck was going between 80 to 100 miles per hour at the time of the accident. He lost control of the vehicle while attempting to make a turn onto Lancaster Avenue from Riverside Drive and crashed into the convenience store. Reportedly, Adams was involved in a minor accident minutes before and fled the scene, which spurred the secondary crash into the Star Food Mart.

Fort Worth firefighters stabilized the building to stave off collapse concerns and blocked all of its entrances to discourage anyone from going inside. Seven others were injured in the accident. Zazueta was a mother of three.

Jennifer Lopez’s SUV rear-ended in Malibu

A suspected drunk driver in a pickup truck hit the back of Jennifer Lopez’s SUV, driven at the time by actress Leah Remini, according to a CBS DFW article on September 27.

Lopez and her two children were passengers in the vehicle when the accident took place at the 22700 block of the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident, but the perpetrator attempted to flee the scene when the celebrities asked for his information. Merely minutes later, the suspect was apprehended by police authorities.

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Dallas drunk driving accident results in one death

Theresa Whitehead, 46, has been charged with intoxicated manslaughter for the February 22 car accident that claimed the life of Latosha Parks, 40.

The accident occurred around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning on the 3400 block of Cedar Crest Boulevard. Whitehead was speeding when her vehicle hit  the retaining wall of a bridge and continued travelling at a high speed into a tree.

Parks suffered from fatal injuries when she was thrown from the vehicle.

The attorneys of the Woodson Law Firm express our condolences to those affected by this tragic incident.

New Caney driver causes multi-vehicle accident in Montgomery County

A multi-vehicle accident on Monday, February 3, in Montgomery County, Texas that resulted in several people incurring minor wounds was caused by a woman who was suspected of driving under the influence.

The accident occurred just before 6:00 p.m. in east Montgomery County on Farm to Market Road 1485, south of 105 and east of E. Loop 336.

According to the police, New Caney resident Elica Marie Willis was driving in the wrong direction, specifically, driving northbound in the southbound lane of FM 1485, causing her to hit the pickup that Diedre Matney and her 20-year-old daughter were riding in.

Willis then proceeded to strike the Cadillac Escapade driven by Woodlands resident Michelle Bunch. Bunch was accompanied by her son, Riley.

Among the agencies that responded to the crash to offer assistance were the New Caney Fire Department, Montgomery County Hospital District ambulances, the Department of Public Safety, Life Flight, and the County Sheriff’s Office.

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Measures to prevent drunk driving in Arlington to be strictly enforced

The Arlington Police Department in Texas, which regularly records around 120 DWI arrests per month, will be working on new measures aimed at not only preventing drunk driving but also to stop it in the first place.

Police chief Will Johnson said that the initiatives that the police department has launched include proper education and dissemination of information about the dangers of drunk driving, proper enforcement of drunk driving laws, and suggestions to tweak such laws so as to give them more strength.

Arlington’s police force will be taking turns in helping the eight-member DWI Unit to look for drunk drivers, particularly in areas where previous drunk driving accidents have occurred. The police will also work with tandem with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to give proper training to drinking establishments, whose patrons are usually arrested for DWIs, on how to handle their customers so as to prevent incidents of drunken-driving crashes.

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