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First of GM personal injury lawsuits to be tried Monday

The first trial of lawsuits filed against Detroit, Michigan-based automaker General Motors regarding the faulty ignition switch which led to accidents and injuries is scheduled to take place on Monday, January 11. This bellwether trial will focus on the complaints brought by plaintiff Robers Scheuers.

According to Scheuers’ lawsuit, the air bag of his 2003 Saturn Ion did not deploy during a crash in May 2014, despite the fact that he had followed GM’s advisory and removed all keys from his key ring except for the ignition key. Scheuers is also complaining that GM put customers in unnecessary danger by not recalling the vehicles at an earlier date and not facilitating repairs in an adequate manner.

GM started recalling 2.6 million vehicles with the defective ignition switch – which can cause engine stalling and non-deployment of air bags – in February 2014.

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GM defective ignition switch death toll reaches 57

The death toll from accidents resulting from General Motors Co.’s defective ignition switch vehicles has reached 57, the total of which increased by one since last week, the Associated Press reported. The last of claims eligible for compensation are being examined if they were postmarked by January 31, the deadline for the claims process.

Those who will agree to receive compensation from GM forfeit their right to sue the automotive company.

Federal investigators found that GM knew of the presence of faulty ignition switches on a number of their small vehicles, including Chevrolet Cobalts and others, for over 10 years before finally issuing a recall in 2014.

In 2014, GM allotted $400 million to make settlement payments but recently conceded that the amount could increase to $600 million. Feinberg noted that GM already paid $93 million in claims, GM’s annual report showed.

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GM, Delphi request multidistrict litigation panel in defective ignition switch cases

General Motors Co. and Delphi Automotive Systems LLC requested on May 20 that lawsuits concerning defective ignition switches filed against them be consolidated and transferred to a multidistrict litigation panel, The Detroit News reported on May 21.

The petition, brought before the Supreme Court of Texas, aims to streamline existing cases and expected future cases. GM spokesman Greg Martin said that the move was made for practical reasons. This way, defendants won’t have to individually produce the same evidence and witnesses, and pretrial rulings of individual cases won’t conflict.

Texas attorney Robert Hilliard, the legal counsel handling most of the personal injury and wrongful death claims against GM, said GM’s latest move is a tactic meant to delay litigation of the cases.

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